Avenue of dead souls


The Letterboxing is similar to the geocaching except it uses clues instead of GPS technology to reveal the location of the letterbox. Inside a letterbox is a rubber stamp and the idea is you take a rubber stamp and logbook of your own and then stamp your stamp in the letterbox logbook and stamp the letterbox stamp in your book, thus creating your own collection of stamps.

If you want to find more informations about the letterboxing, visit www.letterboxing.org.

Letterbox hybrid geocache

This hybrid is just that, its part geocache part letterbox. You must solve the simple clues which you will find along the way to obtain the coordinates for the box. Inside you will find a logbook, ink pad, ink, rubber stamp – DO NOT TRADE THEM - and some standard items for trading. If you have a stamp of your own please stamp it in the logbook along with your log. If you do not have your own stamp, there is a black marker inside, you can design your own stamp image in the logbook – or just print your finger there.

In the letterboxing the stamps can be commercially made or hand made. Which to use is a personal and artistic choice, but the hand-made stamps are much more appreciated. In this letterbox hybrid you will find the hand-designed stamp, proffessional maded - thanks for geofriend C.Coudy - with an image appropriate to the location. - leaf from tree of avenue and sign of aristocratic genus that are owned Nachod castle. They are buried at the end of avenue.


When I created this letterbox I am was inspired from visit the first Czech letterbox Deer Moat Letterbox (GCNEGK). I created my letterbox with the agreement of owner Deer Moat - Thanks, Saman!

Castle Avenue of Princess Katerina Zahanska

I want invite you to very nice walk through avenue of Nachod castle from 18th century. You may hunt nearby cache Dve srdce / Two hearts (GCJJW3) or visit castle park or meet with erratic souls of dead heroes from all the wars or aristocratic genus Schaumburg-Lippe. At the end of avenue is located old military cemetery for soldiers and aristocrats. Front of cemetery is big white cross for memory of soldiers from seven year war.

How this letterbox hybrid geocache hunt?

Your hunt begins at the coordinates at the top of the page.There is a parking area. Once you are on the asphalt trail, follow it up from parking around of Nachod Gallery, Castle Hotel and Nachod castle to old military cemetery through the Avenue of  Princess Katerina Zahanska  and you must search for the clues.

The Avenue of Dead Souls Letterbox Hybrid geocache is at:

N 50° 25 . EHF
E 16° 08 . GCB

To fill in the blanks, you have a set of 9 pictures marked from A to I under the text. You will pass all the objects on the pictures on your way – they are located next to the trail - from parking around of Nachod Gallery, Castle Hotel and Nachod castle to old military cemetery. When you will see and pass the first object and itīs for example on the picture marked B, then B=1, the second object (for example on picture E) will give you E=2, etc. Follow the road up, get all the clues, calculate the coordinates and find the cache...

The whole trail is about 1 km long. The cache isn't placed at cemetery, cache is placed at the public place, so be very careful when searching.Thanks and we wish agreable hunt to all...